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Welcome at where we want to show you how get most out of your Pinterest account. Download the App for your device of choice (if you didn’t already) and read all about how to use, upload and connect to this great social platform. Pin your way through while getting inspired and connected by other Pinterest users.

How to upload your inspiration and how to share your ideas please find a walk-through and idea tips here. Also many things you did not know yet for upload and sharing your ideas here are explained. We are all about Pinterest and you being part of the community!

For other ideas and inspiration please find our Pinterest Category overview here. Although it might be apparent what Pinterest categories are there, there is a lot of hidden gems here you might did not know before. You need to know where to go to find the most creative inspiration. We do just that!

Because each device has a different app store and likewise some minor differences in usage we have for each device an article. So you can get the most out of your Pinterest account. We have the following devices explained for you:

Pinterest App – It’s more than a social Network

Pinterest is an awesome social platform with an amazing App. It’s the greatest platform out there for inspiration and motivation to get more out of life! The Pinterest Community uses the online pinboard to show their creativity. You can browse for hours and be surprised by the community’s creations. It is amazing and the Pinterest App makes it even easier for you. You don’t need to stay home to browse through great content. The app is easy in use, anywhere you like. The content of the Pinterest app is unlimited: just as your imagination.

Download the Pinterest app for your tablet, smartphone or Smart-TV!

Pinterest app is for free at no costs for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any other device. Run the app full screen on your PC. Get the app for your device here and create, plan, explore and get inspiration! Downloading is very easy and won’t take you more than a minute to install on you device of choice. Just visit the pages of your device of choice and we get the started faster than you can say “Pin“!

Is the Pinterest App download available for your device?

Just check it out and have a look at the link below for your device! There is an app for just about any device. Pinterest makes it very easy for you to create, share and browse content with the app.

Download now the app for your tablet, smartphone or Smart-TV! Free Pinterest app for iPad, iPhone, Android, ios Mac and Windows 8, LG Smart-TV and Samsung TV. Run the website full screen on your PC. Get the app for your device here! With use of the app you can watch thousands of pins to get inspired wherever, whenever you want. Downloading and installing the app is very easy! Anyone can do it! Nothing will hold you back to create, plan, explore and get inspiration for almost everything! Literally nothing, well you need battery on your phone and some data. But that’s it. The possibilities are endless with the Pinterest App.

Pinterest app

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is THE place to discover and pin creative ideas for all your projects or just anything you are looking for. By making pins you can add and collect your ideas on multiple boards: you can easily categorize your subject of interest. The app offers you hours of browsing through many pins.

Just as your imagination, Pinterest provides you with an unlimited stream of inspiration:
• Get inspired how to remodel your living room, bedroom or how to add design into your house;
• Need gardening tips? Pinterest had many pins that makes your green more original;
• No idea what to cook? Pinterest offers you recipes and articles on many dishes;
• Restyle yourself? Find all your fashion ideas for haircuts, glasses, shoes, outfits and or party accessories;
• Up for traveling? Check out you destination or just explore all your options around the globe. Download the app to even check your destination while you’re there;

The app is just like having an interactive magazine in your pocket which you can check any subject, wherever you want, whenever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

On which devices is the Pinterest App available?

With the app you can check out Pinterest on any device with an internet connection. Wifi, 3G, 4G, or on your computer desktop. There is a variety of apps for the different sorts of devices. Think of iPad or iPhones, Android and Windows Phone. For example, you can check out Pinterest on almost any modern smart-TV by use of the internet operating system or by use of your favorite game console such as X-box 1, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo in the internet browser! Of course also by Apple-TV, Chromecast, Blu-Ray players and your personal computer! By use of the app you can create, plan, explore and get inspiration on your tablet, smartphone like Android, iPhone and Windows phone. The possibilities are unlimited, just as your aspiration. It’s a great platform, not just for getting inspiration. But also for giving inspiration. Be part of the community and the Pinterest App makes this easier than ever before.

Click one of the icons to download the Pinterest app for all of your devices!

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